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Get your innovative upgraded facial cleaner today and begin a journey without blackheads, whiteheads, dead skin, make-up residue, and acne clogging your pores. Truly clear your skin with our painless, non-irritating facial cleaner. 

Through Innovative Technology we have developed a device that not only clears your skin, but improves texture, blood flow, and does it all with gentle functions. With six replaceable suction heads, you can conveniently adjust suction heads for the specific body area you wish you target. You can now adjust intensity levels to target delicate areas like cheeks or increase intensity to deeply remove dead skin from elbows and knees.

How to Use

First: Clean face (your usual facial cleaning routine)

Second: Use a heated towel (careful not to burn yourself you face is very sensitive), compress, or facial steamer to open your pores

Third: Choose the suction head that is right for you, it depends on what area of your face or body you are targeting.

Fourth: Selection suction force using “M” button: Dry skin, Neutral Skin, Oily Skin.

To clean dirt and blackheads start at chin and slowly work your way up towards your jaw. Note: Do not stay in the same area for too long.

Fifth: Skin may appear reddish which is normal and automatically face out in about 30 minutes after use. Read manual for more information.

Sixth: After use, apply a cold mask or toner to shrink pores


  • For all skin types: Dry, Oily, and Normal
  • Lifts and tightens skin to improve double chin
  • Large Screen Display
  • Three methods of facial dermabrasion
  • Deep cleaning pores
  • Desalination of fine lines
  • Improves oily & sensitive skin
  • Smooths and Balances Skin
  • Comfortable & unique shape Design with curvature for easy use
  • Gentle head to remove aged skin keratin and make skin smooth
  • Blackhead absorption to remove grease, dirt, and clean skin
  • Lifting and Massaging technique to increase skin vitality

Deep Pore Cleaner | 3 Modes 6 Suction Heads

  • Choose out of the six suction heads and then pick intensity level that is right for you: Dry Skin, Neutral Skin, Oily Skin
  • Fine Microcrystalline Suction Head can powerfully remove dead skin, increase skin elasticity, and increase skin smoothness.
  • Elliptical Suction Head helps remove fine line, promote blood circulation, and improve skin texture.
  • Large round suction head efficiently provides you with a more powerful suction that will sucks black heads out
  • Medium suction head gently yet effectively removes grease and dirt
  • Small suction head provides you with a gentle suction that can be used where skin is slightly thin and sensitive.
  • Mini suction head may be used for specific areas where skin is more delicate. This will provide a gentler suction for very thin and sensitive areas.

Item: Blackhead Facial Pore cleaner | Facial Vacuum Suction | Acne Extractor Facial Care

Device Specifications

Color: White & Rose Gold

Input Power: 5V/1A

Power: 5V

Working Modes: 3 Modes

Suction:  65kpa

Treatment Area: Face & Body

Power Supply: USB Charging


  1. Main Unit X 1
  2. USB Cable X 1
  3. Full Detail User Manual X 1
  4. Suction nozzle probes: X 6
  5. Silicone Gasket X 2

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