Our Story

Our company started this store to help people who are “ON THE GO”. 

We don't always have the time nor money for scheduling and booking appointments to the spa or massaging salon in order to keep up with our body's physical maintenance. Once in a while we want to unwind, let go, and de-stress ourselves even if it is just for a moment. Driving to and back from a massaging salon or beauty spa is time consuming and sometimes stressful trying to get an appointment. 

Completing your goals should not be that difficult and our products are here to help you in your journey. Now you can customize spa therapy features and deep tissue massaging into your own schedule and conveniently apply it to whatever time works for you! Yes that means YOU are in control, let the physical maintenance your body craves revolve around YOUR schedule and NOT the other way around. 

We are blessed to live in an era where technological advances are moving very quickly and because of that we no longer have to settle for poor quality products. Our store provides you with the best top of the line innovative technology when it comes to skin and body care. We are not simply talking about exterior care but deep cellular level. Our store specializes in portable products that are easy to use, convenient to carry, and most importantly gets the job done!

Our brand uses advanced technology to provide top of the line quality in the products we sell. While using human engineered products we are able to provide affordable and high-quality products. Our products are comfortable, durable, easy to use, effective, efficient, and affordable. Our brand strives to make it easy and smooth for you to complete your daily tasks. The convenience of having several heavy duty and portable products in one store saves time and money.